International Retail Education Limited


We welcome you to International Retail Education, an institute which offers flexible and convenient study programs. As a student of International Retail Education, you will pursue an education that is affordable, at your own pace, without having to attend classes and interrupting your work or personal life.

Over the years, International Retail Education has established its identity as a world-class institution providing students of all backgrounds and cultures with high quality and affordable education. Our talented faculty is selected after strict scrutiny of talent, credentials and experience. We invite you to explore this great institute and take advantage of all it offers.


Our Vision


To achieve excellence in delivering quality education of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise, transforming the student community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the social, national and dynamic global challenges faced within the retail sector.


Our Mission

  • To create and nurture a learning and knowledge based environment, condusive to the pursuit of quality education which would transform a socially responsible generation to act on their professional values and beliefs.
  • To bring about their overall personality development, fostering a caring and creative environment that emphasizes physical, social and intellectual development.
  • To instil a sense of understanding, remarkable resilience and enduring adaption to a diverse, competitive and dynamic society.
    The vision and mission statement complements the objectives of the institution which draw inspiration from the Higher Education policies on an International level.

Our Purpose

To accomplish its mission, International Retail Education has established the following:
  • Provide academic programs designed and developed by our talented faculty comprising top educationists and industry experts.
  • Instil the value of learning in students to develop their intellectual curiosity, creative and critical thinking, and increase awareness of culture and diversity.
  • Provide facilities and resources that respond to the needs of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Assist students in their professional grooming, values, and skills that will help them achieve success in their careers.
  • Prepare students to meet the ever-changing needs of their communities now and in the future.