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International Retail Education offers students flexible and self-paced education, allowing them to study without sacrificing their personal or professional commitments.

When you join our global learning community, you become a part of a network that is educating students in currently six regions, thus helping thousands of students achieve their academic and professional goals.

At International Retail Education, education is effective, flexible and manageable. Our distance learning programs are the epicentre of learning and development, where students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all of them have one goal in mind: to pursue quality education and carve out a prosperous, rewarding career.


Our Global Presence:


International Retail Education partners with various leading educational retail partners globally and programs are accessible to students in various regions of the world. Students can now acquire a globally recognized degree, diploma or certificate from the comfort of their home or workplace, at their own pace and convenience. International Retail Education is responsible for the evaluation of all examinations and assignments thereby ensuring a global standard in retail education.